Instructions for Participants

For the most updated information and instructions, join our closed Facebook Group for Science Fair Parents and Participants by clicking here.

Take pictures as your student works on his/her project and send them in by email to, or post them on our 2020 Awards Video Facebook group album by clicking here so that we can add them to our Award Ceremony's video. ​

Tips: Keep a journal of your progress to show to the judges. Use notes, images, graphs in your journal. Practice your presentation. Dress professionally.

Fill in necessary forms and return them by Saturday, February 1, 2020.


Please don't begin your project unless you have

1) filled and sent the required forms to me,

2) spoken to me about your project and I have given you the go-ahead,


3) know the rules and guidelines and are confident you are following them and won't need to make changes later.

Click here for more information on forms.

Click here for Display Instructions

Take a look at the judging rubric here.

Click here to read about the difference between the Scientific and Engineering Method.

Click here to view the categories for science projects.

Click here to view science fair project rules.